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Guide to Computer Radio Control Systems Guide to Computer Radio Control Systems
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Written in plain English for ordinary folks
, not computer programmers, this comprehensive guide covers all aspects of all brands of programmable radio control systems. Whether you fly sport models, pattern, sailplanes, helicopters, fun-flys, or scale ships, this book will save you hours of wasted time. You'll find over 180 pages, 100 figures and illustrations, and 23 information tables of step-by-step procedures that explain all aspects of computer radios.

This classic used to be out of print, but with the introduction of the electronic version, it's available once again! This is a "must-have" book for any person or club with folks who would like to understand computer radios, and what they can do, better.

Step-by-step instructions and information FOR ALL MAKES & MODELS of computer radios:

  • Commands, menus, descriptions of WHY each function is utilized
  • How to use the capabilities of your radio system more effectively
  • Programming with detailed examples, explanations, and figures
  • Model trimming & procedure charts
  • Setup & programming for sport, fun-fly, pattern, gliders, helicopters
  • 21 different examples of programmable mixer uses (rudder coupling, flap coupling, knife edge corrections, dual elevator servos, throttles on twins, dual rudders, flap drop with switch, smoke systems, and more)
  • RC maintenance and troubleshooting (replacing servo gears, swapping servos, transmitter and airborne system checks, range testing, interference, war stories, and more)
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"...everyone knows your name and everyone seems excited that FINALLY someone is going to provide info about using all those nifty things we find in the programming menus. Heck, I've recommended the Super 7 book to Airtronics and JR users simply because you talk about why to use some of the features."
--Larry Marshall, former Editor, Model Airplane News magazine.

"I received the Guide to Computer Radio Control Systems yesterday. What a fantastic wealth of information. It really DOES deserve all the kudos that it has been getting in the modelling press."
--Keith Bransky
Whether you fly four-channel sport models, pattern, high-performance sailplanes, or scale ships with six or seven servos, the Guide will save you hours of trial and error and wasted time.

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