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Getting The Most Out of Futaba's 8-Channel Radio Control Systems Getting The Most Out of Futaba's 8-Channel Radio Control Systems
Helps with ALL the 8U systems: the new Super 8/FF8S systems and also the older "regular" 8U systems (8UAF/8UAP/8UHF/8UHP/FF8)! NEW LOWER PRICE!!!

New, REDUCED price!! This 200-page book only costs $5! And, an additional copy is only $2, and we can ship two copies for the same price as one! Buy a spare for your tool box or to keep in your car!

You get a book with 180 step-by-step pages about:

  • 8U Commands, menus, & what they do
  • Programming techniques & examples
  • 26 different programmable mixer examples
  • Model trimming instructions & charts for pattern, heli, and gliders
  • Setup and programs for sport, fun-fly, twins, smoke systems, gliders, flying wings, and helicopters
  • Ten chapters, 480 illustrations showing transmitter screens and effects of programming
  • Things you won't find in the manual, including radio modifications, make your own CamPAC memory module, use your 8U with gear from other brands
Here are photos of a few pages of the book, showing some of the detailed diagrams, instruction sequences, and tables of information.

    Chapter 1: Quick Start: Quick Step-By-Step Four-Channel Sport Model Setup ... for those who want to get flying FAST!
    Chapter 2: BASIC Menu Structure Details: General things on the 8U that you ought to be aware, Setting Servo Neutrals, Hints About Splined Servo Arms, Servo Travel & "Boosting" servos, Comments on electronic & mechanical trims, Trim Functions, Transmitter "Modes", Differences Between Airplane & Heli Systems, What's The Difference Between A Super 8 and a non-Super 8, Moving Trim To The Other Side Of The Throttle/Airbrake Stick, Transmitter Warning Messages
    Chapter 3: The 8U Housekeeping Functions: Model Memory, Naming Functions, Timer Functions, Failsafe, Saving a Copy, External Memory
    Chapter 4: Settings To Make Flying Easier: Dual Rates, EXPO, Trainer Function
    Chapter 5: "Advanced" Programming For Aircraft: Flaperons, Airbrakes, Elevator -> Flap Mixing, Fun-Fly Airplane, V-Tail Mixing, Elevon Mixing, Differential Ailerons & Coordinating Turns, Ailevator, Snap Roll
    Chapter 6: Engine Functions: Throttle Cut, Throttle ATL, Idle-Down, Engine Start Function, Throttle -> Needle Valve Mixing, Throttle Delay Function
    Chapter 7: Programmable Mixers: What are they, 16 programmable mixer examples including aileron->rudder, correcting roll or pitch problems during knife-edge, a second throttle for twin engine models, smoke systems, airbrakes, drop flaps two different positions using the 3-position switch, switchable Ailevator function, V-tails with differential, tailless models, the Super 8's five-point mixers, zeroing out the knobs, and much more.
    Chapter 8: Helicopter Programming: Flight Modes, 5-Point Curves, Throttle Curve, Pitch Curve, Throttle Cut, Throttle Hold, Offsets, Delay Function, Hovering Throttle & Pitch, Throttle->Needle Mixing, Inverted Function, Setting Up Pitch and Throttle Curves, Helicopter Setup Instructions, Programmable Mixing for Helicopters, Four Mixing Examples, Collective & Cyclic Pitch Mixing (CCPM), Super 8 Helicopter Features
    Chapter 9: Sailplane Functions: Using Four Wing Servos: Aileron -> Flap Mixing & Differential, Butterfly Glide Path Control; Six Sailplane Programmable Mixing Examples, Presets for Steepest Launches & Speed, Camber Changing, Programming A Contest Sailplane, Sailplane Trimming
    Appendix: Changing Frequency, Servo Swapping, Batteries, High-Current Wiring & Y-Connectors, Cycling batteries, Instructions For Replacing Broken Toggle Switches, Converting To The Helicopter Version/Moving 3-Position Switch To The Left Side, Problem With Broken Pins, Synthesized Frequency Gear, Use With Five-Channel Hitec Receivers, Using Hitec's 555 Receiver Without Soldering, Electrical Noise, DSC Cords, Make Your Own CamPAC.
    Index: Approximately 480 entries, by alphabet. Many are listed doubly by different name or topic to ease searching.
"Thanks for the rapid delivery on the books, got 'em several days back. The book is GREAT! Definitely worth the price, anyone with an 8U would be crazy not to invest the small price to get this valuable reference source. My buddies, who now have their own copies, agree with me! The 8U does a lot more than is shown in the Futaba manual. You obviously put a lot of research and work into this book, and I am grateful. "
--Al Clark

"Your book paid for itself the first night that I used it."
--Charlie Basel

If you want THE BEST BOOK on the 8U, this is it!
The Getting The Most Out of Futaba's 8-Channel Radio Control Systems book is available for only US$5, plus shipping, direct from us! For U.S. customers, one copy is $11 INCLUDING shipping! All others, your total cost for one copy is US$23 including Air shipping.

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Order our 8U -- Super 8 book delivered to a U.S. address using Paypal by pressing the "Add to Cart" button below. U.S. orders pay only $5 for one copy of the 8U book, plus $6.00 for Priority Mail shipping; please enter the proper Zip code for your address, then press the "calculate" button. This should input the shipping amount of $6. NOTE: get a second copy for only $2 more! Just click on the arrow to the right of "One (1) copy $5" window and select the "two copy" option. Shipping for the second copy is FREE! This is true for non-U.S. orders also.

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Unfortunately, we cannot get the PayPal buttons to work properly for non-US orders, so please EMAIL orders_AT_dynmodel.com with your desired number of copies (one or two) and the destination country. In return, we'll use PayPal to send you a "Request for Payment" for the proper amount including all shipping costs.



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